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What to Pair with a Good Cuppa Coffee?

A good cup of coffee whether it be hot or cold will forever be good when paired with something really nice and delicious. I have been a coffee drinker since I felt that small bump in my tummy 12 years back when I had my first kiddo, and ever since, I have been enjoying my coffee with a partner whether it be a good cracker or a doughnut. But what really is the best pair to go with your coffee?

Mine would be a good doughnut if you want your coffee hot. Seriously, this is really gastronomically good. Try it. and for a good glass of iced coffee, a good cake will do. A good oatmeal cake will definitely do.

To trim down your waist, you need to lessen the intake of other foods, except for coffee and the pair that goes with it. For me, downing your coffee is enjoyable with pleasantries on the side with a good friend, and something to munch on.

I had a good cuppa iced coffee last Monday from Fagioli in General Santos City, and here’s a number of cakes they offer to go with their good-tasting coffee in the house.



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